Diagnostic Topic Tests and Trial Exams

Our Diagnostic Topic Tests and Trial Examinations greatly simplify formative assessment for VCE and HSC teachers and provide unique insights into student performance, both at the individual and class/year level. The topic tests and trial examinations contain original exam-style questions carefully crafted to assess the key knowledge points of the Study Design (or HSC Syllabus).

Each topic test/trial examination comes as a pack, containing:

  • the topic test/trial examination
  • an interactive PDF marking form (Adobe Reader is required to use this form)
  • a Diagnostic Center, a pre-programmed Excel speadsheet specific to the topic test/trial exam to collate class and year level data
  • a separate PDF containing model solutions and marking scheme only, without interactive features, for teachers and schools who prefer not to use the interactive PDF marking form.

Decode is steadily rolling out its range of Diagnostic Topic Tests and Trial Exams with a small number of subjects, with a view to increasing the range of subjects over the next few years. The 2021 range of subjects include VCE Biology, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods, and HSC Chemistry and Mathematics Advanced.


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