HSC Maths Ext 1

Topic Tests and Trial Exams

  • 5 topic tests and 3 trial exams in Maths Extension 1
  • Comes with digital solution manual (total 200+ pages worth of content)
  • Author achieved a HSC Mark of 99 in Maths Ext 1!
  • ISBN: 978-1-922445-16-2


Answer Booklets

You may print copies of this blank answer booklet for free to complete your Mathematics Extension 1 topic tests or trial examinations.

Features and Specifications

Feature list

  • Contains 5 topic tests and 3 trial exams in Mathematics Extension 1 in one single book
  • Comes with digital PDF Solution Manual e-book containing hundreds of pages of answers and detailed walkthrough solutions to all problems
  • Detailed solutions walk students through every step in the thought process of answering question to help develop problem solving skills
  • HSC Mathematics Extension 1 answer book proformas available for download on website
  • Written by a top-scoring former HSC Mathematics Extension 1 student

Note that this book does not contain Mathematics Advanced or Mathematics Extension 2 content.

About the author

    Jeffrey Yang graduated from Sydney Boys High School in 2017 with an ATAR of 98.85, practically acing Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 with HSC marks of 99 in both subjects. He has since tutored HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2 at the highly reputed Ninety Plus Education Centre, as well as HSC Mathematics Advanced. Jeffrey is currently completing his Bachelor of Science and Computer Science at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Pure Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Jeffrey's talent at decoding (pardon the pun) the difficult concepts in Mathematics Extension 1 is very clear from his extremely high quality detailed solutions to the Mathematics Extension 1 problems.