About these books

Our VCE Chemistry Units 3&4 revision guide is a mammoth hybrid paper-digital title exceeding 800 pages altogether and comes in three separate volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Topic Tests (hard copy)
  • Volume 2 - Trial Examinations (hard copy)
  • Volume 3 - Solution Manual e-book (digital)*

The topic test (volume 1) and trial exam (volume 2) books contain instructions and login credentials to access the digital solution manual.


  • 3 trial examinations (360 marks in total) in the VCAA format
  • Exams graded by difficulty from beginner to advanced
  • 300+ pages of solutions to exam problems found in Solution Manual
  • Written in the voice of high-achieving previous VCE Chemistry graduates who both blitzed the subject with study scores of 50 and Premier's Awards
  • One author represented Australia in the International Chemistry Olympiad, winning a Silver medal and is a highly experienced tutor and lecturer
  • The other author topped his class in university in Physical Chemistry and holds a PhD in Chemistry
  • Questions of all difficulties, from entry-level questions to extension-style questions, to suit students of all needs
  • Almost 600 pages of hyper-detailed solutions to all problems in our digital solution manual e-book, together with a detailed and comprehensive marking scheme
  • Solution manual also contains exam tips and tricks, problem-solving techniques and applied theory