Thushan Hettige

Dr Thushan Hettige is the Managing Director of Decode and has authored a number of the Decode titles, both in the VCE and the HSC.

Thushan scored an ATAR of 99.95 in his 2011 VCE, obtaining a VCE Premier's Award in Chemistry (the VCE equivalent of a State Rank in a HSC subject) as well as a number of other subjects. He has also represented Australia in the 2011 International Chemistry Olympiad in Ankara, Turkey, winning a Silver Medal.

Thushan has since racked up an extensive amount of experience in tutoring and lecturing Chemistry - as well as a number of other subjects - and has developed highly unique teaching methods in explaining and demystifying the more complex concepts in Chemistry.

Thushan has utilised his nearly 10 years of experience in tutoring and lecturing in Chemistry to develop questions that test students' knowledge based on first principles, and write extensively detailed walkthrough explanations to all questions which teach the student the overarching concept and the thought process behind answering the question. The writing style found in the Solution Manual is identical to his tutoring style.