About these books

Our VCE General Mathematics Units 3&4 (formerly known as Further Mathematics Units 3&4) revision guide is a mammoth hybrid paper-digital title exceeding 450 pages altogether and comes in three separate volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Topic Tests (hard copy)
  • Volume 2 - Trial Examinations (hard copy)
  • Volume 3 - Solution Manual e-book (digital)

*The topic test (volume 1) and trial exam (volume 2) books contain instructions and login credentials to access the digital solution manual.

Feature list

  • Written by a large team of previous VCE Further Maths graduates who blitzed the subject
  • Lead Author also obtained a university average mark of close to 100 and is close to finishing his PhD in Mathematics
  • Explanations in Solution Manual are based on first principles and developing a thorough understanding of the concepts to make future Further Maths problems much easier to solve
  • Exam tips and tricks, problem-solving techniques, applied theory and visual aids included within Solution Manual
  • CAS screenshots in Solution Manual to aid students in using CAS calculator effectively!

Volume 1

  • 22 mini-tests in the VCAA examination formats across all topics (Data Analysis, Recursion and financial modelling, Matrices, Networks and decision mathematics)
  • Each mini-test replicates a single section of the VCE Further Mathematics exam

Volume 2

  • 6 trial exams in the VCAA examination format ("Exam 1" and "Exam 2")