About this book

This new second edition of the VCE Biology Units 3&4 study guide is written according to the specifications of the 2022-2026 study design.

This massive 500+ page publication comes in three volumes:

  • Volume 1 (Topic Tests) - hard copy question book, purchased separately
  • Volume 2 (Trial Exams) - hard copy question book, purchased separately
  • Volume 3 (Solution Manual) - digital, comes automatically with either hard-copy question book

Login credentials and QR codes to the digital Solution Manual e-book are available to all customers who purchase either Volume 1 or Volume 2.

What new features does the second edition have?

  • topic tests and trial exams separated into two volumes (in line with other books in our VCE series)
  • 8 topic tests (first edition had 7 topic tests)
  • topic tests are now standardised to the same number of marks, and to fit the VCAA exam format
  • 2 topic tests per Area of Study, graded in order of difficulty
  • MCQs added to topic tests (approximately 120)
  • solution manual format improved for easier reading
  • interactive features included in some of the detailed solutions to improve student engagement with the material and encourage active learning (as opposed to passive learning)


  • Written by high-achieving students in VCE Biology who are all currently practising doctors!
  • Volume 1 features 8 topic tests; 2 topic tests in each Area of Study graded in order of difficulty.
  • Volume 2 features 3 trial exams graded in order of difficulty.
  • 760 marks worth of VCAA-style exam practice questions (across both volumes).
  • Hyper-detailed solutions and explanations to all problems, plus exam tips, learning tools and problem solving techniques.