Step 4

Figure 6: Aggregated data of the whole class for each question. Raw student performance data listed centrally at the bottom of the sheet.

Analyse the results of your whole class in the Diagnostic Centre spreadsheet.

The diagnostic centre is a spreadsheet that tracks the results of every student you have marked, and aggregates a wealth of data for you to learn about the performance of your class as a whole.

The average performance of your class in each question is tabulated so you can see which questions gave them the most trouble. For example, in Figure 6 you can see that 2/3 of the class got 0 for question 7a. This birds-eye view of the whole class’ performance can show you in seconds which problems would be worth covering in more detail on the board.

Figure 7: Class performance, grouped by syllabus dot point.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the spreadsheet is the showcasing of class performance by syllabus dot point. In Figure 7, for example, the class’ average performance in questions relating to study design points F2 (exponential functions) and F9 (composite functions) are rated the lowest, each at Medium ability. In just seconds after entering your class’ marks, you can get a clear picture of any problem areas shared by your class, allowing you to plug knowledge gaps quickly and effectively.