How do these study guides fit into students' overall learning?

Topic Tests

Over the course of the year, students would cover a particular topic in class, and attempt basic problems (usually from the textbook) to improve their recall of key facts, and their speed and accuracy in using the elementary skills they have learnt.

The value of our study guide arises once the student starts revising for their SAC. The student is guided from being able to manage basic single-step problems to being able to solve more complex multi-step problems that are found in SACs and exams. This is done by showing students, in the detailed solutions, the logical thought processes used to approach the problem, as well as filling in knowledge gaps along the way by covering subject content.

Once the student has completed the topic test, he or she should be equipped with the necessary knowledge (with knowledge gaps filled) and problem solving skills to tackle problems that are presented in the SAC, and provide appropriately worded answers to more extended answer questions, showcasing their understanding of the subject content from first principles.

Trial Examinations

The learning process described previously occurs again, except this time the student is also required to link concepts from multiple topics to answer exam-style questions.

A suggested approach for students with trial examinations using our Revision Guides:

Students could

  • briefly read through content (and attempt basic problems and/or write brief summaries) to refresh their memories.
  • attempt a trial examination, and self-mark it using the model solutions/marking scheme, paying attention to how marks are allocated and honing one's examination technique, seeking your guidance on finer aspects of answering exam questions
  • use the detailed solutions to
  • develop insights on how to approach different types of questions
  • identify and fill in knowledge gaps along the way
  • go back to their own resources to revise material they have identified knowledge gaps in (most of which our detailed solutions should have covered!), and where applicable re-attempt textbook questions so as to practice basic skills

Students can then attempt another trial examination and repeat the above process repeatedly, until all knowledge gaps have been filled.